I am proud to be a Trained Associate and member of TPA.  I am one of the few audiologists who have become a Certified Tinnitus Practitioner.  The need was there and it didn't seem like anybody was able to do anything about it. Improving tinnitus patient's lives became a top priority when we started our own practice.  We invested in the specialty equipment and the training, and now whenever we improve that tinnitus patient's life, there is a confirmation that we are doing the right thing.  I love being able to help bring that light into patients eyes when understanding about their tinnitus clicks, and they begin to take back control.

Please let my staff know if tinnitus is your primary concern and how long you have had it.  The tinnitus protocol is more involved and takes twice the time of the standard hearing appointment.  I recommend you bring a family member or loved one with you.  Although this initial appointment is all that some patients need, more advanced tinnitus counseling/treatment may require additional visits.  Our protocol is individualized to you or your loved ones needs and can be used alongside other treatments.

Call us at 208-524-445 to get help with your tinnitus