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Kalob, thank you for the hearing aids.  It makes Sunday School and Relief Society so much more interesting to hear the comments of the other class members.  Best of all is I am a better Visiting Teacher.  I can offer verbal, emotional, and physical support to my sisters now that I know what they are saying.  Also, I can be a friend instead of an acquaintance.    I would say something about hearing my grandsons better, but generally the oldest just smiles and the younger one communicates by punching, with love.  Thank you for your times,  thoughtfulness, and friendship.   --2014, J.B. Idaho Falls 83402


Dr. Kalob Parsons has been my hearing specialist for 6-7 years. He has always treated me with respect for my needs, questions, and self.  His professional attention to my specific hearing needs has given me a strong sense of trust that he is doing the best he can for me.Recently, my hearing aids were no longer functioning well enough for me to hear many of my counseling clients.  Also, I had a teaching commitment in the near future and was concerned that I would not hear interactions with the students.  Dr. Parsons made special appointment times for a new evaluation and fitting for new hearing aids, as well as extra contacts with providers to assure that my new hearing aids would be available before the teaching engagement.  All went well, and I was hearing again without any problems and in time for my commitments!!I strongly recommend Dr. Parsons for anyone with hearing difficulties.  --2015, E.O. Idaho Falls 83402


I have been seeing Dr Parsons for over ten years now. His skill in prescribing hearing aids and adjusting them to my needs is outstanding. He recently opened his own clinic and has some new and innovative payment plans.. I like the fact that I can buy hearing aids and get the level of call back help I actually need without paying for extras I don't need. He recommended hearing aids based on my lifestyle and needs and adjusted them exactly to my liking.. What a difference being able to hear again has made in my life. it pays to go to an Audiologist like Dr Parsons.--2015, K.C. Blackfoot 83221


Thanks for the great deal on the hearing aids.  Things are working well.  Some of the new features are wonderful-- Thanks again. 2015,  D.S. Idaho Falls 83401


Dr. Parsons is just awesome! Very helpful and professional. I highly recommend --2015, J.M. Idaho Falls 83402