Note from the Audiologist:  Signia formerly Siemens are well known for their quality products.  They are very aggressive towards background noise and have a well done app that is easy to use and offers a lot of flexibility. They are one of my favorite manufactures for tinnitus and have exclusive rights to Tinnitus Notch Therapy, allowing us to treat the tinnitus without putting in a competing sound. They pioneered communication between 2 hearing aids, and have evolved this to the point that the hearing aids or the user can direct the focus of the hearing to the sides, behind, or in front.  The "narrow directionality" and "spatial speech focus" is what finally allowed them break through a landmark barrier and make the claim, "Clinically proven to exceed normal hearing in difficult listening situations."   Their current hearing aids do really well in moisture and dust.  They are one of the only manufactures who do not charge us more to get the product rechargeable.

Siemens/Signia also private labels and locks their hearing aids for Miracle Ear.  A locked hearing aid can only be programmed by the business it was bought at.  In the case of Miracle Ear, any Miracle ear dealer should be able to adjust the hearing aid, but they will not or can not unlock the hearing aid for any other hearing care provider to adjust.


Styletto Connect.

Is Signia’s latest hearing aid. It has blue tooth connectivity ability for phone calls, audio streaming and to streamline TV for tv streaming together with advanced remote control capabilities through “MyControl App”.OVP (own Voice processing) provides a natural experience for processing the wearers voice.


Pure Charge & Go Nx.

The only rechargeable hearing aids for a natural sounding own voice and direct streaming. Pure Charge&Go comes with its own inductive charger: the hearing aids start charging aoutomaticly when you place them in the charger and turn on automaticly when you take them out.


Silk Nx.

The smallest and most natural sounding ready to wear hearing aids. Silk NX. is available in different sizes the silicone sleeves simply click on to silk hearing aids and sit securely in the ear for a compleatly natural perfect fit on the spot without having to wait for a custom made housing case  as with other in-the-ear hearing aids.


Insio Nx.

The smallest hearing aids with natural sound quality. Tailor made for your ears anatomy  the Insio NX. sits perfectly and and almost unnoticeablely in the ear for a high level of discretion and wearing comfort.


pure 13 Nx.

a strong performer for natural sounding own voice and the longest streaming time.


Motion 13 Nx.

The versatile solution for a natural sounding own voice and direct streaming. Motion 13 offers a variety fitting and handling options to meet your wishes and requrirements. this way your hearing care professional can costomise your hearing sotlut5ion.


pure 10 Nx

better hearing made completely discreet and simple. Signia's tiny pure 10 sits nearly invisibly behind your ear for maximum convenience and discretion , it can be remotly controlled via your smart phone.