“How to”

Videos on how to clean, change battery’s, and other simple tasks to help maintain your hearing aids.

Different videos that can help you live with your hearing aids. Both “behind the ear” hearing aids and “in the ear hearing aids“ there might be small differences between your hearing aids and the hearing aids that are featured in the videos. Not all of these actions might be needed or advised to be taken to clean or take care of your hearing aid It depends on your hearing aid style and brand. For further questions simply contact our office, or come in during office hours.

Signia/ Siemens

How to wear a “Behind The Ear” hearing aid.

How to put in and remove an “In The Ear” hearing aid

How to remove a “Behind The Ear hearing aid.

How to charge your rechargeable hearing aid.

How to change batteries for an “In The Ear” hearing aid

How to change a battery on a “Behind The Ear” hearing aid

How to clean an “In The Ear” hearing aid.