Note from the Audiologist:  Resound has the best customer service that I have worked with.  They have come through for me on multiple occasions for my patients.  Resound has been a leader in bringing new technology to the market and is currently a leader in near field technology.  Resound near field technology allows the hearing aids to directly connect to newer apple iphones and ipads without an intermediate streaming device.  Hearing aids have good moisture protection and they offer warranty extensions up to 5 years.  They allow those users who are so inclined great flexibility in controlling their hearing aids. 

Resound is also private labeled as Beltone and Costco's Signature Series.  If no Beltone dealer is nearby, Resound has unlocked the hearing aids to allow local audiologists to help.  Resound products at Costco are also locked and to the best of my knowledge they will not or can not unlock them.  Resound has been very tight lipped about what comparable level is.

Binaural Directionality II with Spatial sense:  The hearing aids continuously exchange data to deliver to give awareness of the sound environment, sound quality and speech understanding, even in complex listening situations.

Spatial Sense:  The programming in the hearing aids emulate the way your outer ear channels sound to your inner ear, supporting your ability to detect where sounds are coming from and to give a more natural sense of surroundings.

Binaural Directionality II:  This helps the hearing aids zoom in on sounds, while maintaining a sense of what is going on around you.