Personalized solutions are how we tackled the hard and unique hearing problems.  Many of these solutions go beyond hearing aids.  They make us work with the patient on what is important to them.  These are the patients where I get to put my education to use.   The ones that make you feel like you truly were a part of something wonderful.  We want to share these experiences so that others can learn from what worked and what didn't.  We want to give hope and inspire those who think they are out of options to better their hearing.

Poor Understanding of Speech: 

The Problem:  This patient had very poor speech understanding.  Just a little bit of background noise or distance from what she was trying to hear made it very difficult for her to piece together what was being said.  She was healthy and active, but was withdrawing from those activities and social situations because of her hearing.

The Solution:  We recommend new hearing aids, and chose Phonak because they had the best FM system on the market.  Phonak hearing aids give us great flexibility in how I can customize separate listening environments.   It has a very aggressive directional microphone system that maximized her hearing clarity through the hearing aids.  For the difficult situations such as eating out or conversations in the car, the patient uses The Phonak Roger Pen.  The pen is a small wireless microphone that also has a directional focus on sound.  It hears what you point at and when placed on a level table it hears all around bringing those voices closer to you.

How did it work:  Here is what the patient said:  "I use it at a restaurant with groups, because I can hear everyone and what they are saying.  I use to not hear anyone.  I was surprised that I could hear even the ones at the other end of the table and what they were saying to me."  She reports that she is more active socially and that she is hearing better than she has in a long time.  She is very happy with both the hearing aids and the Roger system.