Note from the audiologist:  The brain has an amazing ability to focus on what it wants and ignore what it doesn't.  This is what allows you to hear in noise, to focus on what you want, and filter out the rest. The brain needs the right information to do this.  With hearing loss this information becomes lost, and sometimes the ability to use the information becomes damaged as well.  Oticon specializes in giving the information to the brain that the brain uses to focus on what it wants in noise.  Oticon also has a fantastic pediatric product line, where they go all out in both technology and patient services.

Opn. is Oticon's newest Premium product available end of May 2016.  Here is what their research shows.


The new features of the Opn:

The extreme speed and precision of the Velox processing platform supports how the brain makes sense of sound, helping listeners focus on what’s important to them with less effort in rapidly-evolving soundscapes. 

OpenSound Navigator™
OpenSound Navigator scans the full 360° sound environment more than 100 times per second, removing noise and balancing sounds, so listeners can focus or switch attention when desired.

Spatial Sound™ LX
Spatial Sound LX precisely and accurately locates sounds with 200% faster binaural processing, so listeners can make sense of their surroundings more accurately. 

TwinLink, the world’s first dual wireless communication system, powers connectivity and binaural processing simultaneously, so listeners can access a richer sound experience and faster connections.

If This Then That (IFTTT) Network
Oticon Opn accesses the If This Then That (IFTTT) network, so listeners can connect to and control a range of daily devices—from emails and alarms to TVs and laptops. 

Delivering on the Promise of BrainHearing™
Oticon Opn™ features BrainHearing™ technologies that reduce cognitive stress and free up the brain to perform other critical tasks. Through rapid signal processing, Oticon Opn fuels the brain in complex listening environments, so listeners experience less mental fatigue, more energy, sharper focus, better speech recall and, most importantly, less social isolation.