Note from the Audiologist:  When I ask my patients, "What are some of the activities that they miss because of their hearing loss?", going to the movies is a common answer.  Both Edwards and Paramount have made efforts to help the hard of hearing enjoy the movies again.  Some of the technology was pretty impressive, when it worked, and some of it was a big let down.  It is my hope that an effort will be made to improve and in some cases maintain what is already available.

Captioning glasses and amplified headphones at Star Wars VII at Edwards. 

  • Adjustable captioning glasses
  • Amplified headphones
My Nephew modeling the captioning glasses and headphones at Edwards in Idaho Falls after watching Star Wars VII.

My Nephew modeling the captioning glasses and headphones at Edwards in Idaho Falls after watching Star Wars VII.

Edwards theater has some pretty neat technology, when it is working.  Based on my experience I would at least a half an hour early.  You sign out the device from the Customer Service Center (the interior half of the ticket booth).   Only a manager can check out the devices.  I waited about 10 minutes for a manager to become available, and then another 10 for her to get the device mostly ready.  Checking them back in took another 20 minutes, mostly waiting for a manager with authority to check them back in.  There was also no offer of a refund, just an acknowledgement that some of the devices don't work, when I told the manager what problems I experienced.

Captioning Glasses

Pluses:  The captioning glasses were pretty cool with laser green captioning.  I was able to adjust the position of the captioning to where it was convenient and didn't find it distracting I would use them again on a regular movie.  I was able to use them with either eye closed as well, and worked even when one side had more blurry writing.

Minuses:  I went for the 3-D and would strongly recommend against this.  They come with a thin piece of plastic that is supposed to fit over the glasses.   Unfortunately, they wouldn't stay on for more than a few minutes, and after it fell down under my seat, I wasn't about to pull out a flash light and look for them while the movie was going on.  I tried using the regular 3-D glasses and found that I could suffer through the movie, but it was uncomfortable, and you had to hold your head just right.

Amplified Headphones

Pluses:  none at this time, it didn't work.  Hopefully this will change in the near future.

Minuses:  They didn't work.  When questioned, apparently 1/2 of the devices don't work, and I was lucky enough to get one that didn't.  There was also no offer for a refund, and if I had needed it then it would have been a very negative experience.  Fortunately with a little education and motivation I believe the headphone problem can be fixed.