Note from the audiologist:  Oticon takes an unique but effective approach to hearing.  Although they have some of the best hearing aid technology in the world, and are one of the leaders in binaural hearing aid communication, their focus is in feeding the brain sound information, in as clear a way as possible, so that the brain can do the job it was designed to do.  They have pioneered an ability to customize how the sound is presented to the brain.  At the risk of getting to nerdy, the brain accepts information more effectively when it is presented in a way that it prefers.  We each have our own preferences for how sound is presented to us, for example my neighbor, 3 houses down likes to listen to his music at a level that by the time it travels to my bedroom is at the volume I like to listen to most music at.  Another example that I see, some patients do better when they hear every little sound around them. For others this would be too overwhelming and distracting and instead of helping, would compete with what they are trying to understand.  These patients do better when the hearing aids dampen the unwanted competing sounds.  Oticon, allows me to test for and optimize how it manipulates sounds to match your unique hearing profile.  Oticon also has a fantastic pediatric product line, where they go all out in both technology and patient services.

Oticon Opn S™ hearing aids


Opn S is built on the new Velox S platform – our most advanced and powerful platform ever. Unleashing the full potential of the open sound paradigm, the platform offers unprecedented computation power to create life-changing differences for patients.

The new Velox S platform provides:

  • Groundbreaking platform improvements for increased memory

  • Highly sensitive detectors to monitor changes in the acoustic environment 56,000 times per second

  • Proactive feedback management delivered by signal processing algorithms

  • Automatics to drive the updated OpenSound Navigator™

  • Improved design for optimized rechargeable battery performance