Bettering Relationships by Improving Communication:  Hearing is how we communicate with the world and to each other.  Hearing affects our relationships and how we interact at home, church, with friends, with nature, and the world.  Those relationships help give our lives meaning and purpose.  We decided to use the word communication instead of hearing, because we are focused on not just helping our patients hear better, but using that hearing effectively.

Best Fit Technologies:  We use recommended, established best fit practices as much as possible to get the best results.  Although this takes a little more time and equipment, it improves patient results.  Part of best fit practices mean we actually test the hearing devices on you to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to and making sure that the hearing devices are helping you in the situations that are important to you.  We work with and have many patients who don't yet need hearing aids and patients that need more than hearing aids.  There are many options to help, some of them at little to no cost.

Diagnostic Testing:  Although we work with hearing devices, we also do medical audiology where Dr. Kalob Parsons Au.D. and his staff work with your physician to determine the cause location of the hearing loss.  If we are not your first office to visit, you may notice many pieces of diagnostic equipment that are not commonly found in most hearing offices.  Our testing is very important in how the loss is treated, as well as determining how to prevent it from getting worse.  Because of Dr. Kalob's advanced training, he is able to do much more than just test for the purpose of selling a hearing aid.  Medical audiology is an important part of our practice and we do bill insurance for that testing. 

Teaching Communication Strategies:  Communication is so much more than just hearing.  We focus on how to get the most out of your communication by teaching how hearing works, how to maximize the situation, and improve your brains ability to work with what it is hearing.

Hearing Preservation:  85-90% of adult hearing loss is considered permanent, and requires some type of amplification to improve hearing ability.  There are many types of hearing protection that are designed to still let you do what you want.  For example if you want to ride your Harley while listening to your favorite music and not damage your hearing, we have a solution for that.