Better Hearing and Audiology LLC is a local family owned Audiology and Hearing Aid practice located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  We specialize in Hearing Aid fittings, Diagnostic Hearing Tests, Tinnitus Management, and Assistive Listening Devices.


Dr. Kalob Parsons was raised in Arco, Idaho. When talking about his childhood, he said, "My parents, Rod and Virginia, taught me how to have fun working hard and living within my means."  He married Amy Murdoch from Idaho Falls and they now have 7 children who keep their home entertained and very busy.

Dr. Kalob became an Audiologist in 2002 with a Masters of Science degree in Audiology from Idaho State University.  After working and saving for a few years, he then went back to school and earned a Doctorate of Audiology from Salus University in 2008. 

After a couple of years of working out of state he was able to return home to Idaho Falls.  Having served eastern Idaho for 11 years, he and his wife decided to open their own practice.  Dr. Kalob said, "Going out on my own has been one of the hardest and most rewarding decisions I have ever made.  It has brought my family closer, I can help my patients in ways that I was never able to do before, and we now have a better mechanism to teach our children blessings of work." Although 7 kids and his own practice is enough to keep anyone busy, Kalob also loves gardening and Scouting.



Natalie is our office wonder woman. During the day she is our energetic and bubbly “Coordinator of Awesomeness." At night she is a wife, college student, a mother of a little girl a bouncing baby boy and mother of 2 cats, Cami and Dot. When she joined our practice she decided on the title of “Coordinator of Awesomeness.” She decided it was her job to make things happen in a way that patients had a wonderful experience. Now that she is a mom, she has moved to part time and will often bring her children while working in the back office.  She also fills in at the front desk when needed.  Natalie joining our practice has proven to be a big blessing and we are thankful that she continues to help us and our patients, even when she has the more important and full time job of being a mom.

Natalie is a BYU sports fan. When I asked her about this strange obsession she replied, “Because I was born that way. I bleed blue.” She also plays the violin and is excited to sign in ASL. Her goal in life is to be a stay at home mom. We wish her every success in that, and are happy to have her helping our patients have an “Awesome” experience until that day comes.



Nathan is excited to be serving the community and has chosen the title Deliverer of Excellence, with the goal of providing an extraordinary experience for everyone we serve.

Nathan is an Idaho Falls native and is glad to be back after graduating with his bachelors in science from BYU-Provo. After joining us Nate quickly became CAOHC certified, and can now perform industrial audiograms. He is currently working on his Audiology Assistant's certification and after working and saving for a couple of years intends to continue his education in Physical Therapy. We are not so secretly hoping he may change that to Audiology.

He and his charming wife enjoy doing anything outdoors but especially hiking, canoeing and soccer. He is a fan of colorful footwear of all kinds and is one of Dr. Parsons's eagle scouts.




Sadie works at the front desk and chose the title “Positive Experience Engineer” and set the goal of everyone leaving the office better than when they came in. Sadie has a fun sense of humor with a fantastic laugh that brings a smile to the whole office.

Sadie was born and raised in the small town of Mudlake, Idaho. She was raised on a dairy farm with six other siblings so she learned how to work hard from a very early age. Sadie has been playing piano since she was 8 and loves music. One day she hopes to learn how to play the cello. Sadie is head over heels in love with her husband and loves spending her free time with him, whether it be going to the movies, camping, or just staying home and enjoying each other's company. Sadie also loves the color purple and is one of the pickiest eaters she knows.