Note from the Audiologist:  "I love these little devices.  They cut out the competing noise by only amplifying what is coming in through the mic system.  If someone is talking too soft or too loud, you can adjust the volume.  The sound only has to travel from the speaker to the microphone, 6 inches to a foot (unless you have a 2 year old, then it might be -2inches).  An FM system tries to go around the problem (noise and distance) instead of through it."

Whats Available:  Every LDS chapel and stake center has a built in FM system that is integrated into their chapel microphone system.  An FM system is like a miniature radio station that uses radio frequencies designated for the hard of hearing, in the frequency band just below traditional radio stations.   They use a COMTEK receiver that automatically adjusts to the correct frequency.

Where Do You Get Them:  Traditionally these are checked out from the church library.  They have a standard headphone jack that allows for a variety of configurations.  Our patients will most commonly buy their own small ear buds to use.  For hearing aids equipped with a T-Coil a neck loop can be used in place of headphones.

If you visit multiple wards you may find it beneficial to purchase your own and just take it with you.  The LDS church has worked out an agreement for members to buy directly from COMTEK.  This direct pricing is significantly lower then what we would pay.  We have provided the order form and contact information to purchase your own down below. 

How many does each building have?:  Your bishop can order as many as his ward needs.  To order more he simply requests the number of additional COMTEK units his ward needs on the yellow FM pad, the same pad he uses to request other supplies and repairs.


This is what the device looks like when out of its case.  Check it out at the church library.

This is what the device looks like when out of its case.  Check it out at the church library.