Note from the Audiologist:  "CaptionCall is currently my favorite captioning phone.  Their customer service to my patients has been fantastic.  I really appreciate how they take time to actually install the phone, make sure it is working, and make sure you know how to work it, instead of just mailing you the phone.  Though there is a small delay during a phone call from when the words are said until the captioning appears , it is very impressive what they are able to do.  I have received multiple thank yous from patients for recommending this product to them.  This product has my stamp of approval."  Kalob Parsons-Doctor of Audiology

What is CaptionCall?

The CaptionCall captioned phone features a large, easy-to-read screen that displays written captions of what callers say to reinforce their hearing. The CaptionCall phone is also an amplified phone.  CaptionCall is now available in espanol, voip, and compatible with most apple phones/tablets.

Who benefits from the CaptionCall captioned telephone?

CaptionCall is a captioned telephone designed to help individuals struggling with hearing loss use the phone again with confidence.

What are the requirements for CaptionCall?

Individuals using the captioned telephone must have hearing loss and have difficulty communicating by phone. A land line phone line and high speed internet connection are required for the CaptionCall phone to work.

What is the cost of a CaptionCall phone?

Individuals with hearing loss that could benefit from captioned telephone service can provide professional certification from a qualified hearing care or health care professional to receive the CaptionCall phone for free.  Download the professional certification form below, or come into our office for a hard copy.  By having us sign the professional certification form this waves the 75$ fee, allowing you to get the phone, installation and training for free.

How Can CaptionCall Be Free?

As a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established a fund that gives individuals with hearing loss access to captioned telephone service at no cost. CaptionCall is an FCC-authorized captioned telephone service provider and is compensated by the FCC for providing the captioning service at no cost to the end-user. The CaptionCall phone is not covered by the FCC fund, but is provided by CaptionCall so that eligible individuals may have access to the captioned telephone service. There is no cost for qualified individuals to participate in this federal program.

How does CaptionCall work?

Similar to captioned television, CaptionCall uses advanced voice recognition technology and a communications assistant to quickly provide written captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen. It works like a regular telephone – simply dial and answer calls as usual – speak and listen using a phone handset like always.

How do you get caption call.

Click the following link below to download a certification for.  Fill out the your information on the form and bring it into our office.  If this is your first time visiting us we will need to do a complimentary screening to certify your eligibility.    If eligible we will then sign and fax in the form and a trained caption call representative will contact you . Free delivery and installation by a trained CaptionCall representative is included.

Download Caption Call Form